Looking for a Freelance Logistics/Supply Chain SaaS Writer?

The Supply Chain SaaS Challenge

Your customers know the last mile is the most expensive part of the supply chain, making up more than half the total cost of shipping. Your solution can help them cut costs and boost efficiency - but only if you can demonstrate ROI to get them on board. And in an industry where Excel spreadsheets still rule, that can be an uphill battle.

The Solution

With more than a decade of experience writing everything under the sun for companies just like yours, I can help you grab your prospects' attention and show them what life could be like with your logistics solution driving their supply chain operations. Let's work together to show your prospects how you can help them get better visibility, communicate more effectively with customers and carrier networks, and provide a better delivery experience.    


 (I know you’re busy, so I’ll make this quick:


I’m Angie, and I write things.


Specifically, I write the blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and case studies that will show your prospects the value of your SaaS product. Focused on helping companies get better visibility into their third-party field service provider network? Or maybe you provide delivery management software for retailers of all stripes? I can help you get your product in front of those who need it most.


Want to see a few examples of my work? Check out my portfolio (coming soon - bear with me as I'm rebuilding my website).

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